3 tips to always see your favorite programs

Whether it's football, handball or tennis matches, your favorite series or your favorite programs of the moment, several solutions allow you to never miss a single one of your programs again. We invite you to discover them now.

How to never miss one of your matches again?

When following a competition or a team, it can be frustrating to miss one of its matches. But, between the different channels that broadcast them, the applications etc, it can be complicated to find your way around. To find out how to organize yourself, do not hesitate to check what match will be broadcast tonight on matches.tv. Thus, you will find out the broadcast time of your match, but also the channel on which to watch it. Another advantage of the site, you can plan your evenings in advance, because everything is indicated there for a whole week. It is therefore the ideal solution to see everything or see it again, because even reruns are specified.

Watch your series even offline!

Are you following a particularly breathtaking series on Netflix or any other streaming platform? If long hours on public transport or away from home await you without any data connection, we have the solution for you. Indeed, most platforms offer you to download your episodes as long as you have Wifi to then allow you to view them in “offline” mode. Nothing will now prevent you from enjoying your series to find out who killed your favorite character in the last episode. As long as you don't forget to charge the battery of your smartphone, tablet or laptop, of course.

Watch your favorite TV show wherever you are

When you're away from home, it can be difficult to watch your TV show. To help you achieve this, you can go through the TV application of your phone operator. Most of them offer an offer that will be perfect for watching your TV channels live, but also in replay. If your package is connected to a fixed line, you can even program the recording of one of your programs to watch it then quietly on your sofa. Then, to regain space on the hard drive of your TV box, all you have to do is delete each program after enjoying it under your very warm duvet.

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