Development of 5G: does it have an impact on the environment?

Development of 5G: does it have an impact on the environment?

The deployment of 5G in France will take place this year! Many new technologies This change will follow, such as autonomous vehicles, factory automation and also telemedicine.

This fifth generation mobile network will use more frequencies than the fourth generation and different frequencies, in order to cover more users than before and many other changes will follow. You should know that the pace of adoption will be different than the old generations!

In this article, we will see how the development of 5G is going? What are the advantages of it? And what are the consequences what will this technology have on its users?

Development of 5G: how is it going?

The first generations allowed calls and messages to be made, but nothing more. With the advent of new generations, we have had the right to connect to the internet, make video calls and many other technologies that save our lives on a daily basis. It revolutionized the world.

Although 5G will undoubtedly improve our lives, but internationally it is causing a lot of debate. In France, the development of 5G will be done gradually, in large cities, until expand throughout France. The choice of large agglomerations is not only fortuitous, but only, in these large cities, 4G is saturating and the State wants to alleviate this problem, unlike small towns.

There are four operators in France who deploy 5G:

  • Free: for € 19,99 per month;
  • Bouygues Telecom: which offers a promotional price for the 1st year of € 17 and € 55 / month;
  • Orange: from € 21 per month;
  • SFR: from 25 euros per month.

There are certain rules that these operators must absolutely respect, they are governed by the French government and by the regulatory authority for electronic communications, postal services and press distribution.

The states of the European Union are not all on the same wavelength and before France, there are quite a few countries that have deployed 5G and several brands of smartphones and computers have offered products compatible with 5G, such as Apple, where all iPhone 12s are compatible with 5G, the S20 from Samsung also and against all expectations, there are smartphones with compatibility at 5G at a very attractive price. You can have a connected smartphone from 250 euros!

Comparing to 4G, the deployment of 5G is much faster. But to have 5G, you have to meet three main conditions:

  • be in a city where 5G is there;
  • have a compatible phone with 5G;
  • subscribe to a 5G package from the operators already mentioned above.

The advantages of 5G

Since the authorities are doing everything to ensure that all cities have the right to 5G, it is not for nothing! Indeed, 5G will significantly improve our daily lives. It will be possible to send a much larger quantity of data, at higher speeds than 4G; it will be 10 times faster than the previous generation!

Latency is the main advantage of this new generation! The time it takes between placing the order and receiving it on the screen will drop from 10 minutes to 1 minute!

Density is another advantage; in fact, 5G will be able to support at least 1 million devices per square km. 5G will improve several areas in our daily life, for example the field of health: applications will be deployed for the prevention against chronic diseases, the management of hospitals et many other features.

We will really know better than when we have 5G on our phones and still 5G is going to develop more and more. For the transport sector, thanks to 5G, it will be possible to control transport, traffic management, follow the trucks more closely, remote control of vehicles, etc.

5G: what is its impact on the environment?

One of the fears of anti-5Gs is the environment. The question that arises is the following: will 5G really harm our planet?

There is not yet a study to confirm or affirm this, but they are rather observations. 5G will consume a lot more energy than 4G, but will offer better speeds. We will see the explosion of the consumption of connected objects! Many stress that the carbon footprint will be very important when renewing the fleet of smartphones, which will harm the environment by depletion of resources and the toxic waste it can generate.

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