Facebook Prepares Smart Watch With Cellular Connectivity And Social Tips For Debut In 2022

Facebook may be ready to broaden the horizons of its hardware ambitions in 2022. After plunging into the world of VR headsets and later launching smart displays under the Portal brand, the company has now reportedly cast its eyes on the wearable segment. According to a report by Information, Facebook has started work on a smartwatch the company plans to release to shelves in 2022.

Facebook plans to integrate social interaction features into its smartwatch

Unsurprisingly, Facebook's smartwatch will be integrated with its own extensive social media network, allowing users to send and receive messages through Facebook's services. Facebook's smartwatch is said to add a social aspect to fitness features by leveraging its social media platform. For example, the next laptop will allow users to follow their workouts with friends or be in touch with their trainer.

And since it's a smartwatch at the end of the day, you'll also get the usual set of health and fitness-focused features. In addition, the smartwatch developed by Facebook would offer a quick interaction function to chat with friends without the need for a paired smartphone. However, it is not clear if voicemail messages are part of this "quick interaction" trick. But later, the company could also launch smartwatches that will interact with its AR glasses..

Facebook's first-gen smartwatch could run some version of Android, likely Wear OS

Notably, the smartwatch will support stand-alone cellular connectivity, which means you don't need to keep it tethered to a smartphone to send messages. "Facebook also plans to allow the device to connect to the services or equipment of health and fitness companies, such as Peloton Interactive, the maker of internet-connected exercise bikes," adds the report.

The next smartwatch will run Google's Android fork for wearable devices - which will most likely be Wear OS. The first smartwatch made by Facebook will arrive in 2022, while a second-generation model will hit the market in 2023.. Interestingly, Facebook would sell the next smartwatch at its cost of production - a strategy to first gain market share and then start making a profit.

The next Facebook smartwatch will be the first of many to come

Facebook is also working on its own portable OS for future hardware.

More importantly, Facebook is said to be working on its own operating system as well, which suggests the company will ditch Android down the road for its portable hardware. The report mentions that the development of the smartwatch is far away, however, the social media giant could end the project down the road.

Plus, it looks like the smartwatch won't be a one-time project. In a virtual all-employee meeting in December, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer said the company plans to invest more in wearable devices as part of its long-term hardware efforts, according to one person who heard these remarks. adds the report.

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