Aqara 2K Hub G3 Indoor Camera

Aqara 2K Hub G3 Indoor Camera

The Hub G3 indoor camera is a product of the High-Tech company Aqara. This home safety equipment brand was launched in 2016. It offers smart devices for homes as indicated by the etymology of its name in Latin.

Since 2017, the company has challenged itself to provide its customers with comprehensive protection solutions. Its products are designed to make the home smarter and are very easy to use. Read this to learn more about this security feature.

The technical characteristics of the Hub G3 indoor camera

The technical characteristics of the Hub G3 indoor camera
The technical characteristics of the Hub G3 indoor camera

The Aqara-branded indoor camera will be available for the promotional price of €89,99 (as opposed to its list price of €119,99) from May 6-20 on Amazon. Warehouses for this product are located in France and Germany. Then, your product will be delivered 48 hours after payment.

It has a viewing angle of 360° thanks to its motor (rotate 340°) and its Pan and Tilt lens with 110° FoV. It takes care of face tracking as well as pets. It plays this role effectively thanks to the automatic navigation it is equipped with.

It also has a blind spot monitor and 2K resolution. This latest design from the Aqara brand incorporates a sensor of approximately 2304 x 1296 pixels. It is a feature of the G3 camera which allows to have a better image quality and to obtain all the necessary details on the saved elements.

The G3 camera supports major third-party ecosystems including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. For Apple users, the camera supports Apple's HomeKit Secure Video and records views in Full HD 1080p when in HomeKit due to Apple's limitation.

This device also offers IR type night vision thanks to its invisible LED. Indeed, the G3 automatically triggers its infrared auxiliary light when the environment in which it is located is dark. This has the particularity of being non-obtrusive and very easy to monitor in the dark.

The different compatibilities of the G3 indoor camera from the Aqara brand

The different compatibilities of the G3 indoor camera from the Aqara brand
The different compatibilities of the G3 indoor camera from the Aqara brand

La G3 indoor camera offers wide compatibility with other devices in your home. It works perfectly with installations designed by tech giants, including:

  • Amazon Alexa,
  • Apple House,
  • Google Home.

It also makes received images controllable by voice. The Aqara camera is also compatible with different privacy protection technologies.

Its concentrator is certified by Amazon, Google and Apple to help you meet different security standards. You can adapt it to the video systems of your choice. This device also runs under installed end-to-end encryption technology to prevent private data leakage.

The different users and uses of the Hub G3 indoor camera

The Aqara camera is configured for all types of users with a high need for protection. It takes into account different aspects to identify the users of your home.

Hub G3 indoor camera users

The Hub G3 is designed for you if you are an Apple user and want to protect your home without breaking the bank. HomeKit Secure Video cameras usually come at premium prices, and this camera gives you the same standards of protection that a security system offers at a more accessible cost.

You can also turn to this gear if you are a local AI enthusiast.

Uses of Aqara's Indoor Camera

The Hub G3 indoor camera has a built-in Zigbee hub, which allows it to connect and manage other Aqara devices such as the brand's smart sensors, switches and shade controllers. Note that it is also equipped with an infrared controller, so that it can control ordinary infrared devices like televisions and air conditioners. Also, note that this camera has a speaker, and it can also act as a siren.

This Aqara creation is also used for gesture and facial recognition through its smart screens. It has the NPU processor used in home automation. If you have difficulty speaking, a simple gesture will be enough to turn on or off a light and a television.

She also creates automation scenarios thanks to the different photos she records. Combined with an alarm, the device can go off and warn you of the entry of a stranger who has never been to your home. It clearly distinguishes family members from other people. To distinguish family members, relevant facial information must be captured using the camera.

The G3 is also used for humanoid recognition. It basically triggers the alarm when humans appear on screen. It will not have any reaction whether it is when moving mosquitoes or light. However, it could identify your pets and differentiate them from others.

Reasons to choose the G3 indoor camera from the Aqara brand

Reasons to choose the G3 indoor camera from the Aqara brand
Reasons to choose the G3 indoor camera from the Aqara brand

There are several reasons why you can choose the AI-powered goalkeeper, Hub G3. The very first is that it equips your home with all the tools necessary for perfect protection. It is also a product carefully and beautifully designed by Aqara who acts as a specialist in the matter.

The Hub G3 indoor camera offers easy installation and a complete ecosystem for smart protection. You will find on the company's shelves a multitude of Aqara connected accessories that integrate with HomeKit.

Hub G3 of this company is undoubtedly the flagship of the brand. It benefits from all the technological care that could be granted to a High-Tech company. It has a local IR automation setting and supports a wide ecosystem.

It stands out from the competition's products thanks to its impressive local facial recognition system. Its mode of gestural exploration is unique on the market. Its very low price is also a reason why you can choose these products.

The Benefits of Using the Hub G3 Indoor Camera

Aqara company's 2K indoor camera has the ability to connect to 128 Aqara sensors and controllers. It has the advantage of giving you the benefit of home automation, third-party ecosystem support and a remote control.

The power consumption of this device is extremely low. It also features ultra-low latency and high stability for point-to-point transmission. Its signal channel is used to regulate the speed necessary for the operation of the equipment.

The security as well as the privacy that the Hub G3 indoor camera offers you is high.

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Meet the AI-powered caretaker who takes care of your home and knows you well.

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