Attend a private sale of a SFR mobile plan: what frequencies for these sales?

Attend a private sale of a SFR mobile plan: what frequencies for these sales?

A private sale is a sale that offers different consumers important products and promotions, for a limited period which does not exceed a few hours or a few days, the start and end date of which are fixed in advance. In addition, the private sale is usually reserved for a limited number belongs to nobody ; the prices and offers that are offered during private sales are the lowest on the market, they can go up to -50%, or even -70%.

These sales usually take place on dedicated sites. especially for private sales and, it is the same case for the private sales of the SFR mobile plan. In case you want to know more, read our article for your answers.

Attend private sales of the SFR mobile plan: how to do it?

Private sales are created to carry out destocking on certain products and the mobile plan SFR also organizes these, on a third-party site than its site. To access a private sale, you must first register on the "" site and create an account, by filling out the "register for free" form and inserting all the necessary information, such as:

  • your first and last name;
  • Your email address as well as the password.

From this moment, you will be able to view all offers ongoing private sales, as well as access to the private showroom newsletter. As a result, you will be automatically informed about private sales of the SFR mobile plan.

You should know that creating an account is totally free. Once you have logged into your account and spotted an interesting SFR private sale, to benefit from it, you must pproceed as follows :

  • in the “all sales” tab: click on the SFR private sale that interests you and you will access all the details of your offer;
  • click on the “register” tab;
  • let yourself be guided until the end of the sale.

In case you have any problems related to sales, such as a concern with the portability of your number, a promotion or discount that does not apply, or even an internet problem, you must contact SFR customer service by dialing 1023 and not the customer service of, which remains fair an intermediary to sell the various SFR services and products.

Please remember to consult all the conditions related to your private sale before purchasing; these offers can be accompanied by additional fees, such as activation fees or fees related to your SIM card as well as the conditions of engagement.

The frequency of private sales of SFR packages

The concept of private sales appeals to many consumers thanks to tempting offers regarding internet offers, mobile packages, boxes and other SFR services.

As for the SFR mobile plan, it generally organizes private sales of irregularly: he might make 4 sales in the same year, just as he might not have any.

For the year 2021, two sales were made from June 10 to 12, 2021, and from April 18 to 20, 2021; since then, no event has been organized by the operator.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to know in advance the date of private sales of the SFR mobile plan and for this, it is important to be up-to-date and responsive in the case of these sales, so as not to miss anything.

Also you must subscribe to the site newsletter, you will be automatically notified if a new sale is organized.

In the meantime, to take advantage of the many SFR promotions and flash sales, it is recommended good follow the news during sales periods, like Black Friday, back to school and the end of year celebrations.

The advantages of SFR private sales

Private sales sites, in particular for SFR, represent certain advantages, especially with regard to the cost of acquisition: this allows to make significant savings as well as to have a complete service.

With SFR private sales, no commitment is not mandatory on an offer subscribed as a result of the policy in force, compared to a store, merchants receive a commission of 10 euros for each customer who subscribes to an internet subscription or a mobile plan.

SFR private sales generally last from a few hours to a few days, enough time so that consumers can take advantage of the enticing promotions.

Therefore, if you are interested in one of the SFR offers, do not hesitate to be topical for the next sale.

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