Choosing a smartphone: the criterion of the repairability index

Choosing a smartphone: the criterion of the repairability index

There are more and more smartphones on sale today and there will always be more given the development of this market. The fact remains that cell phones, or tablets for that matter, have a relatively high cost. In addition, an ecological feeling is developing which pushes him to no longer renew his smartphone as quickly as in previous years. The fact remains that if you do not want to replace a broken smartphone, it will have to be repaired or even have it repaired by professionals. In this context, the repairability index will be important since consumers can now make their purchase knowingly, knowing the possible difficulty of repairing their device.

Repair your smartphone yourself so as not to change it

Some of you may want to repair your smartphone or tablet if they start to malfunction. Therefore, you will have to choose your phone according to the repairability criterion, so as to make repairs and various maintenance interventions as simple as possible. It is a possibility but you must not lose sight of the fact that you will have to invest in small equipment (small screwdriver, suction cup to change the screen, small pliers to handle the various components). In addition, the risk of doing more harm than good exists if you do not handle the parts properly. A good repairability rating does not mean that the operation is within everyone's reach either.

Have your smartphone repaired to keep it longer

Repairs can also be carried out in a smartphone and tablet repair center in Lyon. Indeed, it may seem easier to entrust your precious object to specialists who can take care of it professionally without taking any risk. Indeed, the people who work in these repair centers are, most often, specially trained to work on smartphones or tablets.

The repairability index

Considering the cost of these repairs and your desire to keep your cell phone for a long time, you might want to choose your smartphone based on its repairability rating.

This repairability index will allow you to better choose your smartphone, knowing that it is not the only element to make your choice of course.

With the repairability index, you will be able to compare smartphones based on how easy it is to repair them. Depending on the choice that will be made, it may be very easy to repair your smartphone yourself or at a lower cost.

You can definitely visit sites that have compared different smartphones and tablets by giving them a rating. It should be noted that since the year 2021, the repairability index is mandatory and must be made known to all consumers in order to help them in their choice of purchase.

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