COVID-19: here are all the open Apple stores

On March 13, Apple closed all of its retail stores outside of Greater China in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. As many parts of the world relax shelter-in-place orders, Apple is reopening its stores with additional security procedures and a new social distancing protocol. In the United States, each state has a slightly different schedule for reopening businesses, which may leave you wondering: is my Apple Store open?

Update: Apple temporarily closed the majority of its retail stores in the United States on May 31 following widespread protests and looting across the country. Some damaged locations may be closed for an extended period.

Apple is monitoring local health data and government guidance to determine when individual store locations can safely reopen, and detailed its comprehensive security measures in an open letter to customers. Health and safety procedures will vary slightly from store to store depending on local policies. In areas where Apple Stores have reopened, the company is focusing on service and support at the Genius Bar. Apple encourages customers to continue shopping online with the Apple Store app, as many locations are open only for edge-of-store service.

Some Apple Stores in the United States began to reopen on May 11. Announcements of reopening dates will continue around the world in May and June. If you stay safe at home, Apple has prepared Today at Apple at Home sessions hosted by Apple Store Creative Pros to boost your creativity. New sessions are added regularly.

We will update this article as new information becomes official. So come back often.

Is my Apple Store open?

Tap the arrow icon ➡️ on the map below to see which Apple Stores have reopened and which will reopen soon. Closed stores are marked on the map with red pins, open stores in green and stores that are reopening soon are marked in yellow.

Note: some locations are open for curbside or in-store service only.

Last update: May 31, 16:00 p.m. CDT

???? Sidewalk, storefront or in store?
Apple has temporarily changed the services offered in many stores
for the safety and convenience of customers.
US stores reopened offer 1 of 3 levels of service:
???? In-store sales and service
You are welcome inside for dating and shopping while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Hours of operation and guest occupancy may be reduced.
???? Showcase and sales service
Online orders and scheduled Genius support appointments are available at Apple's doorstep. Walk-in support and shopping will return soon.
???? Roadside service and sales
Online orders and scheduled Genius Support appointments are available from your vehicle. A member of the Apple team can guide you to a designated pickup and meeting area near the Apple door. Walk-in support and shopping will return soon.
Check out your local store's webpage
to see what level of service Apple currently offers.
???? Your meeting at the curb
When you schedule a Curbside Genius support appointment, you will be prompted for a contact number. On the day of your service, an Apple Genius will contact you with directions to your appointment.
???? Store status by region
Region Stores Open
???????? Australia 22 22
???????? Austria 1 1
???????? Belgium 1 0
???????? Brazil 2 0
???????? Canada 29 12 *
???????? Mainland china 42 42
???????? France 20 0
???????? Germany 15 15
???????? hong kong 6 6
???????? Italy 17 12 *
???????? Japan dix 2 *
???????? Macau 2 2
???????? Mexico 2 0
???????? Netherlands 3 0
???????? Singapore 2 0
???????? South Korea 1 1
???????? Spain 11 0
???????? Sweden 3 2 *
???????? Swiss 4 4
???????? Taiwan 2 2
???????? Thailand 1 0 *
???????? Turkey 2 0
???????? WATER 3 0
???????? UK 38 0
???????? WE 271 140 *
LaOpening of 263 of 510 Apple stores **
La* Canada: All stores outside of Ontario and Quebec have reopened.
La* Italy: all stores outside Lombardy have reopened.
La* Japan: Apple Fukuoka and Nagoya Sakae reopened on May 27.
La* Sweden: Apple Väla Centrum and Emporia reopened on May 28.
La* Thailand: Apple Iconsiam reopens June 1.
La* United States: Select stores authorized to reopen based on local guidelines.
La** Some stores are closed due to protest damage not reflected in this tally
LaLast update: May 31, 16:00 p.m. CDT
???? Upcoming Apple Store reopens
Apple often announces reopening dates 2-3 days in advance.
???????? June 1st

Apple Iconsiam
LaLast update: May 31, 16:00 p.m. CDT
???? Reopening schedule
???????? February 14 <br>• China (some stores)
???????? March 12 <br>• China (all stores)
???????? 18th April <br>• South Korea
???????? May the 5 <br>• Austria
???????? May 7 <br>• Australia (some stores)
???????? May 11 <br>• Germany
???????? May 11 <br>• United States (some stores)
???????? May 12 <br>• Switzerland
???????? May 19 <br>• Italy (some stores)
???????? May 20 <br>• Canada (some stores)
???????? May 27 <br>• Japan (some stores)
???????? May 28 <br>• Australia (all stores)
???????? May 28 <br>• Sweden (some stores)
???????? 1 June <br>• Thailand

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