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Everything you need to know about Energyfi, the DeFi All-in-One eco-friendly platform

energy fi is a platform belonging to the decentralized finance (DeFi), a market of 200 billion dollars today. This new platform intends to respond to two major challenges posed by this finance: the very high energy consumption and its ecological footprint, as well as the high transaction costs.

The proposed solution is that of the combination of four decentralized applications: Energy Web Chain, Avalanche, Near et Binance SmartChain. By multiplying the applications, Energyfi multiplies the number of users. All converge towards the adoption of greener networks - Green networks - for decentralized finance more in line with environmental concerns.

The platform offers several options:


EnergyPad is an interface committed to connecting project creators and investors through contract transparency, facilitated by Energyfi Smart Contracts, securing funds for both parties. The EnergyPad platform has a large number of possibilities in terms of configuration, allowing project creators to adjust contracts to the needs of investors (SoftCap / HardCap, proportion of funds raised and secured, price, duration, etc.). EnergyPad also responds to Energyfi's ambition to make decentralized finance a standard, by removing all fears about this system and by facilitating the user experience.


EnergySwap is the second interface offered by Energyfi, this time offering a decentralized exchange space. The whole challenge is to promote more eco-responsible networks, by relying on Energy Web Chain (EWC), Avalanche (Avax) and Near Protocol (Near). Via EnergySwap, users have secure access to all these networks. To set itself apart from the competition, and drive the adoption of DEX (decentralized exchanges), Energyfi further rewards liquidity providers - Liquidity Providers, up to 0,6% instead of 0,3% for more traditional DEXs like PancakeSwap: the benefit is then environmental, but also financial!


EnergySave is the third component of the Energyfi platform: a Staking and Farming solution, which generates more passive income. Users have the freedom to manage their protocols and policies.


EnergyLend, finally, is Energyfi's fourth innovation, through its system of cryptocurrency lending and borrowing by promoting fast, secure and energy-efficient transactions. Energyfi favors EFI tokens which give access to certain features of Energyfi. It is integrated into its various services (EnergySwap, EnergyPad, EnergySave and EnergyLend). This token has been designed to favor those who acquire it from the start (deflation, passive income, reflection, etc.).

To provide these services, Energyfi relies on a network of international partners: INBlock, Stepping et Chainsulting, and applies all the regulations in force to date in the field of finance and cryptocurrencies.

source: Marketwatch

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