eufyCam 2 Pro works with HomeKit, has one year battery, more

Anker's smart home brand eufy has just released a brand new 2K security camera dubbed eufyCam 2 Pro. It comes with free 2K recording and local video storage and much more, including 365 days of battery life and human detection software on the device. From $ 150, these cameras will ensure that your home is properly secured, allowing you to easily view your home from afar, even when it is dark, thanks to the built-in color night vision. The best part of these cameras is compatible with Alexa, Assistant, and even Apple's HomeKit.

365-day battery life + HomeKit eufyCam 2 Pro title

The latest opus in the eufyCam range is characterized by two characteristics which make the reputation of the brand; 365-day battery life and Apple HomeKit integration. Both of these features ensure that your new cameras are ready for the long haul, as Apple's HomeKit is one of the most trusted smart home ecosystems out there. Plus, with the one-year battery life, you won't have to frequently change things to ensure recording continues.

You'll also find Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations here, to complement its smart home connectivity. With simple voice commands or in the apps themselves, you will be able to see this camera system, making it easy to access anytime and anywhere.

Full-color night vision, two-way audio, and on-device human detection take center stage

While the headlining features are HomeKit and battery life, eufyCam 2 Pro packs a punch when it comes to the spec department. This is due to the inclusion of infrared and color night vision, two-way audio, and human detection on the device. These features combine to provide a premium all-around experience, especially color night vision.

While standard infrared night vision can leave out key details, like the color of the vehicle or the exact description of the intruders' clothing, color night vision makes everything clear as day. This can be crucial if you have a break-in or need footage of an accident that happened near you.

2K video recording captures high quality images locally for RADIO

While most cameras are stuck at 720p or 1080p, eufyCam 2 Pro takes 2K recording up a notch, this higher quality capture allows you to easily read license plates or track down intruders, thanks to videos or detailed images of the recordings.

The eufyCam 2 Pro also uses local storage through its base station, eliminating the need to pay high subscription fees to store your recordings in the cloud. It's a feature that few home security systems have that still sets eufyCam apart from the rest of the crowd.

Pricing and availability

You can buy the eufyCam 2 Pro for $ 149,99 for a single camera, or $ 349,99 for a base station and two cameras. It's available exclusively at Best Buy starting today.

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