Everything Apple didn't announce at its November event

Apple launched its first Macs equipped with Apple Silicon M1 at its “One More Thing” event in November. The new MacBook and Mac mini are pretty impressive, and macOS Big Sur's major update also debuted this week. However, there are still a number of compelling Apple products behind the scenes. Here's everything Apple didn't announce at its November Apple Silicon Mac event.

The “One More Thing” event was Apple's third since September. And after a number of accessories and other expected products did not launch at the Apple Watch / iPad event or the iPhone 12 event, we were hoping to see some of them land at the sides of the new Macs on November 10.

In fact, the Apple Silicon event was brief at 45 minutes and didn't include any announcements or unveilings beyond the new M1-equipped Macs and the macOS Big Sur launch on November 12.


It's been a long road to see the AirTags arrive and the November event went without a launch. This may be the case with Apple seeing unexpected delays.

Earlier this year, Ming-Chi Kuo set a Q3 version for this new product. Then, in early October, we saw Jon Prosser predicting the AirTags release was postponed until March 2021, but he then said just before the iPhone 12 event. that they were on time to launch with iOS 14.3 in November. The very accurate L0vetodream also predicted on October 20 that they "will be coming soon" in two sizes.

By aligning ourselves with Prosser and L0vetodream, we just found more evidence that AirTags are ready for use with iOS 14.3, which Apple has just released in beta. We were able to find out more details about the setup process.

Here's what we found:

Users can play sound alerts and also link an AirTag to an Apple ID, so it won't work with another ID if someone else finds it. "Removing this item will allow it to be configured and used by someone else and it will no longer be linked to your Apple ID," the code reads. Apple will also provide an easy way for others to scan AirTags and find out who owns this lost item.

Time will tell, but we could see this brand new Apple product launch shortly.

AirPods Studio

In April, Bloomberg announced that they would come with swappable magnetic ear cups and headband and are expected to launch this year. Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted a unique magnetic design that will begin production "mid-2020".

Fast forward to September and we got our first real-world glimpse on the “Sport” version of AirPods Studio from choco_bit. And the image matched the description Bloomberg previously shared in April.

“The earphone prototypes have a retro look with oval shaped ear cups that rotate and a headband connected by thin metal arms.”

In October, Prosser said AirPods Studio was facing a “major hiccup” in production and that it would be “BEST December” ahead of launch. He also claimed that "key features have now been phased out".

Bloomberg followed up shortly after confirming production had been delayed due to an issue with the headband.

Apple TV

The Apple TV 4K, launched in 2017, is equipped with an A10X Fusion processor and remains the company's flagship set-top box three years later. We found clues earlier this year of a new Apple TV that might have an A12 or A13 chip as well as a new remote. Bloomberg then corroborated our findings in August.

However, no mention of an Apple TV hardware update during the November event. In the meantime, we see some handy new features like the ability to use HomePods as permanent Apple TV speakers with Dolby Atmos support.

Whenever we see the next-gen Apple TV, a drop in price could go a long way in helping Apple catch up with competitors like Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

fitness +

Apple announced its all-new Fitness + workout service at its September event. When the Apple One bundle service launched on October 30, we received a brief mention from Apple's Fitness + that it would arrive before the end of the year.

Apple's November Mac event went without further details on when Fitness + would launch. But since Apple has pledged to debut before the end of the year, that will likely happen with a press release in the coming weeks.

16-inch MacBook Pro M1 and iMac redesigned

A 1-inch MacBook Pro M16 missing from the November keynote was no surprise but was certainly a disappointment for some. A week before the event, Bloomberg reported that the M16-powered 1-inch MacBook Pro was later in production than the 13-inch version and the MacBook Air.

Kuo and L0vetodream expect the 16in MacBook Pro and a new 14in model to launch in early 2021.

While we had the first Apple Silicon desktop with the Mac mini, an iMac M1 is also predicted by Kuo to launch in the first quarter of 2021. Bloomberg has also corroborated that Apple is working on a redesigned iMac.


In the midst of a tough year, Apple launched an impressive new product line-up and was very successful with the move to virtual events from WWDC in June.

While Apple events appear to be over for the year, we can't rule out that the company is launching some of the remaining products like AirTags and more via a press release, but it could be 2021 before those products arrive. However, over the next seven weeks we will see the launch of the Fitness + service.

What do you like most to see the launch? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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