What problems are students experiencing with their mobile phone plans?

What problems are students experiencing with their mobile phone plans?

When it comes to settling in on their own, every student has to face many expenses. To support them in the selection of the student mobile plan the most performant, in other words, the one who will make an offer at low price answering according to the requirements of students, some operators offer many advantages, such as lack of commitment, the ability to purchase a telephone, access to exclusive offers, etc.

In this text, you will find all the information you need to choose the offer that best meets your needs and therefore the student mobile plan that suits you best. First, we will examine the different selection criteria, then, we will offer you some suggestions to save money on your subscription. Finally, we'll let you know about the best deals for different budgets.

What problems are students experiencing with their mobile phone plans?

In terms of mobile telephony, students are unique clients. They have specific requirements : whether it's phones or mobile plans, businesses have figured it out. It's not for nothing that big, low-cost companies like Red or Sosh have a young and energetic image: it works to attract them.

Find a cheap student cell phone plan

The majority of student problems are related to the budget. Therefore, you will need to turn to the operators at low price, who are more likely to offer attractive, lower-cost packages.

The importance of data from the Internet

Most students have multiple data requirements internet connection. Don't worry, currently operators have taken these requirements into account and are offering attractive packages, with 20, 30 or even 50 GB of data. At this level, you will have no trouble finding an offer that meets your needs.

The ability to connect to the Internet from home

If you also want to have a box, a box + mobile pack option is available. If you want to benefit from the best student telephony offer, we recommend that youopt for suppliers without contract, because everyone knows the difficulty of finding their box after moving. Students, for their part, travel frequently to follow their studies, do internships or for many other reasons.

Getting the best student plan: what are the recommendations?

We have some recommendations for you if you are looking to have the most advantageous student package, that is to say, a package that combines appropriate resources et a reduced cost.

Wait for the sales to start

First of all, you should know that the best student packages are available during sales periods, such as the return to college or school, beginning of summer et the new Year. To benefit from the best discounts, we therefore recommend that you wait for these occasions to switch to another subscription.

Buying a combined internet box and cellular plan for students: is it necessary?

Students may need their own internet box in their apartment. You have two options if you want to spend as little as possible, while benefiting from the best student package:

  • to benefit from strong reductions, take your internet box as well as your mobile plan from the same supplier: for certain offers, SFR charges € 10 et Orange € 15. This is likely to become intriguing very quickly;
  • instead of taking an internet box, take an internet connection package high capacity et share the connection with a reliable phone. It's incredibly practical, because it saves you the trouble of breaking your head with a box in physics.

The most common mobile phone offers for students

Here are the major student mobile plans spotted on the internet, all of which should be enough for you. Our goal is to provide a solution for all financial and resource needs.

For people with small budgets

If you are looking for a very small pack, which just gives you access to the essentials, then Bouygues' offer Telecom will seduce you. It is relatively inexpensive and allows you to have:

  • 50 megabytes of data ;
  • 2 hours of communication;
  • unlimited SMS and MMS.

Mid-range offers

RED package by SFR is one of the best value for money that we identified in our research. It is quite fascinating, since you can have it all for only 5 € per month:

  • free communications ;
  • MMS and SMS;
  • but the most important : 20 GB of Internet.

For the massive amount of internet data available, the price is truly one of the cheapest on the market. This offer is recommended if you are looking for economical but quality student packages.

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