Protect your data with Acronis Cyber ​​Backup by IKOULA

Protect your data with Acronis Cyber ​​Backup by IKOULA

We are in the digital age. In other words, we live in a world where to be visible nowadays, it is essential to have a digital image. Whether you are an individual or a company, having a virtual identity these days, most often a website, is a key factor in the development of a service or an activity.

But now, creating a website requires a certain number of preparations, prerequisites that cannot be neglected. One of the key stages in website creation is undoubtedly hosting. To be sure not to lose any data, or not to disappear overnight from the web, this step should not be neglected.

In the market, there are several hosts who offer their services. One of them is Ikoula, specialized in computer web hosting in France since 1998. The latter also offers a computer backup offer that is Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Backup. If you've read our article so far, it's definitely because you want to know a bit more about it.

Find out in the rest of our article why it is important to host your website. You can also learn more about the computer backup offer offered by the host Ikoula. But before !

What is a web host?

While browsing the web, we browse through multiple internet pages, all full of diverse and varied information. All of its information needs to be stored somewhere so that it is not lost forever when we log out, for example. This storage is therefore provided by what is called a server. The server itself is a computer that has memory, a hard drive, and an operating system.

A web host is then the company that owns the servers that serve as storage medium for all information related to a website. But the web host doesn't just store website information. Most also offer server management, computer support, antivirus, and even website backup services. It is also one of its services that is that of computer backup offered by the host Ikoula. If you want to know more about it, we advise you to see this:

Why perform computer backups at your host?

Reading this question, one would wonder if it is not possible to do without the services of a web host for such a task. The answer is yes, however, there is some risk.

Indeed, it can happen that we encounter for example hard disk failures. Most of the time, when the latter is damaged, the recovery of the files contained therein becomes impossible. So imagine such a situation when you have files with the most important information on them. You will be in real trouble, won't you? It is precisely to overcome this kind of problem that it is preferable to duplicate and save your files with a web host.

Web hosts have very efficient servers. The latter very rarely have failures that will go as far as damaging their clients' files. By duplicating and thus saving your computer files at your web host, you could be sure to be able to recover them in due time, even if in the meantime, your hard drive has caught fire.

In addition to data loss, there can be other issues like hacking for example. When you have important data, but you are worried that your computer may be the victim of a hack, your best bet is to resort to a backup at a web host. Your data will be well protected and you can delete those on your computer without fear.

One of the best deals currently on the market for computer backup Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Backup from Ikoula.

What should we remember from the Ikoula web host?

The host Ikoula has been a web hosting specialist since 1998. To do this, it has its own Data Centers in France (Reims and Eppes) as well as in the Netherlands, but also in Spain. Ikoula has a multilingual team that ensures the provision of quality services every day of the week and at any time.

Ikoula offers several solutions, in particular: outsourcing, hosting of E-commerce sites, critical applications, but also GPU calculation servers and many others. Ikoula is also the rental of dedicated servers for professionals and many others as well as other services such as cloud, VMWare, VPS, network and messaging. Yes, Ikoula is all the web services you will need for your business for flawless reliability.

Ultimately, web hosting is a must have for any website owner. But in addition to that, several other services are just as important and therefore very useful. We have in particular the data protection by the host. The Ikoula web host also offers a data protection solution, Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Backup. This solution is very useful since it allows you to keep important information about your company in a safe place, for example, and to retrieve it at any time without the slightest problem.

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