Samsung begins removing ads from proprietary apps

Samsung begins removing ads from proprietary apps

Samsung has started removing ads from its proprietary apps. The company held a 'public meeting' in August, where we quoted Samsung's head of mobile telephony, TM Roh, who said, 'We have decided to remove ads from core apps like Weather , Samsung Pay and Samsung Themes. Samsung has finally released an official statement confirming the removal of the ads.
New versions of these ad-free apps were first spotted by Samsung customers in South Korea who posted the news on the company's community forum (via 9à5Google). And TizenHelp found a comment from a Samsung executive who announced that the ads were removed from the Health app on October 1. The executive said, “This is the Samsung Health Operation Manager. Please note that the banner at the top of the Samsung Health app will not be provided from October 1.

Samsung starts removing ads from core proprietary apps like Weather, Health, Samsung Pay, and Theme

Although Samsung has only confirmed that it is removing ads from the aforementioned proprietary apps in its home country of South Korea, US users have also seen ads disappear from those apps. Banner ads were removed from Samsung Pay, the aforementioned Health app (which displayed ads for Samsung's range of smartwatches as well as workout tips), and the Weather and Theme apps. For example, the Weather app replaced the banner ads it displayed at the top of the screen with temperature and forecasts.

It should be noted that while the banner ads are no longer visible on the Samsung Pay app, there is still a “featured section” that includes offers. But this corresponds to the use of the application as a mobile payment system. If the ads do not disappear from the proprietary apps on your Samsung phone, you may need to “force stop” them to remove them from those apps.

To force stop the app on your Samsung device, go to Parameters > applications and scroll to find the name of the app you want to stop. Tap the name of the app and tap "Force Stop" located in the lower right corner. A context menu will appear indicating that if you stop the application, errors may occur. Press “OK”. Reopen the app and the ads should disappear.

Samsung customers complained about paying big bucks for a high-end device before being persuaded to spend more

Samsung isn't the only smartphone maker to include ads. Xiaomi and Oppo are two such companies to include them in their user interface. But Samsung has heard from customers who didn't want to shell out $ 1 for a high-end phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 800, but felt that Samsung was trying to convince them to spend more money on their products. Ads removal is done via a server-side update, which means you shouldn't expect a new update to be sent to you over-the-air.
While Samsung offers other proprietary apps, the company has yet to announce that ads will be removed from these titles as well. Still, it would be a good idea for Samsung if it finished the job and offered all of its own ad-free apps globally. Some Samsung customers also noted how cluttered the proprietary apps were with the included ads.

As Samsung announced in August its intention to remove ads from the four core proprietary apps, the company said, “Our priority is to deliver innovative mobile experiences to our consumers based on their needs and wants. We value feedback from our users and continue our commitment to providing them with the best possible experience with our Galaxy products and services. "

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