Best 5G smartphones: what are the different ranges?

Best 5G smartphones: what are the different ranges?

Basically, 5G is a cellular network standard in its fifth generation. 5G speeds are far superior to 4G / LTE speeds. Ultimately, 5th gen speeds could exceed 10 gigabits per second, even surpassing some of the best wired fiber internet connection options.

To make the most of this standard, you need 5G phone. In this guide, we'll help you understand the key aspects of 5G smartphones. To make your shopping experience even easier and to be able to determine which smartphone to buy, here are some of the best phones that capture 5G in France.

Smartphones that capture 5G: which model to choose?

Finding the right 5th gen phone is easier when you understand how this standard works. A 5G mobile has built-in hardware and software that allow it to connect to such a network.

All the main cellular network providers, including Orange, Vodafone and SFR, now have 5G capability in some locations and are continually expanding the reach of their networks.

When considering phones that comply with this standard, you must first determine if you want an android or apple phone.


Android phones are those that work with the Android operating system. They are available from many manufacturers, Samsung, Google and LG, being the most popular.

Finding the best Android phone isn't easy, but here are the most popular brands:

  • Samsung: it started offering the best 5G phones in mid-2019 and continues to expand its family with different versions;
  • LG: LG released its first best 5th generation Android smartphone in mid-2019 and has since added many more to its lineup;
  • Google: which owns and develops the Android operating system, also produces some Android phones. Its first 5G compatible phones appeared in 2020.
  • Sony: Sony unveiled its first 5G phone in early 2020;
  • Motorola: Motorola claimed to offer a 5G phone in late 2018, except that it didn't offer the speeds expected. Motorola now has true 5G phones in Europe and the United States, having joined the market in late 2020.

Several other companies make 5G Android phones, such as Huawei, Xiaomi et Oppo, but most of their phones have limited or no availability, at least for now.


Apple phones run on an iOS basis, which Apple owns and develops. Apple does not share its iOS with other manufacturers, so only Apple has iOS phones.

The apple brand launched the iPhone 12 family of phones in late 2020, which represented its first 5G compatible phones.

With the 5th generation transmission speeds, additional services will be available, such as high speed Internet and pay television services over the cellular network.

What are the prices of 5G smartphones?

Since the best 5th generation Android or iOS smartphones are the newer ones, expect to pay a higher price.

High-end smartphones are almost always priced higher than 12-24 months after their initial release.

according to the cellular network provider you select and the offer that you receive, the price may vary slightly from those shown lower. The numbers you see represent retail prices.

Economic model

For 5G smartphones with smaller than average screens and minimal storage space, you can find them at a price between 400 € and 600 €. Buyers should understand that manufacturers first launch their models high-end 5G phones, to capitalize on the enthusiasm generated by the introduction of the new transmission system.

Mid-range model

An average 5G phone may have a screen that measures 6 inches or more and costs between 600 and 800 euros. These smartphones will serve many people successfully, but will lag behind the high-end models in terms of screen resolution, storage capacity and performance.

Top of the range model

The price of the more expensive 5G phones goes from 800 euros to 1 euros. These phones have the largest screens with the sharpest display resolutions beyond 4K. They are also top of the range models in terms of speed and performance. For all those who are looking for refurbished and certified iPhone models, they will find great phones at a much lower price.

Now that you've cleared up the doubt about 5G mobiles, go buy the model that's right for you. Even if the network is not yet available at your place, take the advance, it will be there soon!

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