The most common problems on a MacBook Pro

You've got a MacBook Pro that's getting a bit dated and you find it just doesn't perform quite like it did in the early days. It is common that over time your device will not perform as well. However, this is not inevitable, because each of these recurring problems holds no secrets for specialist repairers. 

Keyboard issues

Some MacBook Pro series have revealed keyboard issues. Very quickly, users noticed that some keys were sticking or not responding. Very quickly, Apple recognized this problem and publicly acknowledged it. The brand is committed to changing the keyboards of the MacBook Pro models listed free of charge for 4 years.

Problems related to data storage

On MacBook Pros, the storage capacity is limited. As standard, there are only 250 gigabytes of storage. To have an optimal capacity, it will quickly go up in price by choosing options. But it is also a stated desire of the brand to keep small hard drives in order to favor my performance. For backups, you will need use Time Machine or an external drive. If over time your hard drive starts to slow down, call a MacBook Pro repair specialist in order to replace it for an SSD drive.

Operating system obsolescence and update issues

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest flaws in the apple brand not being able to make the latest software updates when you have a somewhat old device. The obsolescence of IOS counterbalances the argument of machine reliability. Indeed, what is the point of building computers that last for decades when a simple upgrade becomes impossible after 10 years? When a problem of this type occurs, it is often necessary to restore your device and install an older version of IOS.


You thought there was no malware or virus on Apple devices. It's wrong ! Unfortunately, a lot of hackers know how to fit into a MacBook Pro. It is for this reason that it is necessary to clean the hard drive from time to time. at an experienced repairer, especially if you notice slowdowns on your device (if you notice too long loading times, or if your computer tends to shut down unexpectedly).

You will understand, all computer problems are not insurmountable on a Mac and it is important to know a repairer specializing in this type of machine.

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