Verizon has a new date to shut down its 3G network, for real this time

Verizon's saga of ending its 3G services, only to delay it again, could finally come to an end. The Big Red originally planned to shut down 3G operations in 2019, but extended it until 2020. Then in January of this year, the company suspended those plans indefinitely. Now the company has announced it will shut down its 3G CDMA network - for good this time - on December 31, 2022.

December 31, 2022 is the day Verizon finally says goodbye to 3G

“We have been working in recent years to help those who still have 3G devices to transfer to devices capable of accessing 4G LTE or 5G networks and continue to actively work with the remaining 3G customers to migrate them to new devices and technologies. . As a result of these efforts, we can now report that over 99% of our customers are using the enhanced features of 4G LTE or 5G, and less than 1% are still accessing the 3G network. "

To remember, Verizon no longer allows activation of non-4G devices on its network and is now attempting to migrate its remaining 3G customers towards 4G or 5G with a multitude of plans and services for its regular and professional customers. However, Verizon says it is strongly encouraging existing 3G users to upgrade. Verizon notes that it would be among the last carriers to drop the old cellular network standard.

Existing 3G users may face network degradation and lack of support in the future

And to achieve this, Verizon says users could experience what it calls "a degradation or complete loss of service," as the company also plans to cut back on its support services and will only offer assistance for extremely troubleshooting. limit. More details on Verizon's CDMA services can be found here.

however, Verizon has made it clear that the December 31, 2022 shutdown date for its 3G telecommunications infrastructure will not be extended again. So, yeah, that's pretty much the last nail in the coffin.

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