Web hosting: the negative impacts of poor infrastructure

Web hosting: the negative impacts of poor infrastructure

For budgetary reasons, many companies host their site on servers that offer free, or even inexpensive, storage space (hosting). However, these affordable solutions come with risks. As in all sectors, the more a company invests in quality technical solutions, the better its website will perform. Here are the negative impacts of a poor web hosting infrastructure /

Little reliability

Shared hosting implies that you share your storage space, your server, with other companies using the same host.

This can therefore cause frequent performance drops. For example if one of the server users starts an aggressive email campaign, the server traffic will increase dramatically, affecting the uptime of your website. If you want to take advantage of a reliable website, it is better to turn to paid website hosting solutions, so as to remain in control of the bandwidth allocated to your site.

No support

With free web hosting, you will not be well taken care of if you need to call for support, whether it is in the event of incidents on the host side or if you perform bad manipulations on the client side.

Some services advertise that they include support in their package, but when you want to use it, you are often referred to a forum instead of having to deal with a real functional and responsive technical service, which can help you solve your problems.

Cancellation of account at any time

Whether hosting is free or not, this is a right reserved to any hosting provider, when an illicit use of resources is detected. However, in the case of free accommodation, it can happen that providers close accounts without reason, without notice and without guarantee of service.

In short, you have very little recourse if your free host changes its terms of use, or if it simply closes its doors.

Also be careful, be aware that hosting a site abroad does not allow you to circumvent French criminal law.

Confidentiality issue

There are also legal issues involved in setting up a website.

Indeed, when you collect information on your customers for example, you must take into account data protection legislation such as GDPR which, if not properly observed, can lead to financial penalties.

It is important to be aware of where your website is hosted and it is important that a reliable company is hosting it. While there are some reliable free hosting companies out there, a large majority are small businesses that don't always know the best practices and provide poor service.

Waste of time and money

Free accommodation is more limited, does not always offer technical support, and often suffers more incidences, which can result in a considerable waste of time. It might be better to pay for quality hosting, rather than wasting time and money with a web host that will negatively impact the performance, and therefore sales, of your website.

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