What are spam email cyberattacks?

What are spam email cyberattacks?

Thousands of cyberattacks take place every day around the world and have serious consequences for both individuals and businesses. A large number of these cyberattacks are carried out through spam, i.e. unwanted e-mails. Find out what they are and the different ways to avoid them.

The main cyberattacks through spam 

There are two main cyberattacks that take place via spam emails.

The scam

Also called 419 fraud, the scam is a very widespread form of cyberattack. Cybercriminals send spam in which they pretend to be a wealthy person with a serious illness. They also claim to be without family and thus wish to bequeath their fortune to a third party. But before benefiting from said fortune, the beneficiary will have to provide his banking information or pay administrative formalities fees.


Phishing is the second most common type of spam cyberattack. The objective of phishing is to steal the confidential data (passwords, connection identifiers, bank number, etc.) of the Internet user targeted. To do this, cybercriminals impersonate a reputable company or social network. They then encourage the recipient to click on a link or open a pdf or word file inserted in the email or spam.

What are the anti-spam tools?

There are several tools specifically designed to fight spam and the attacks that go with it, including phishing. The use of these tools is strongly recommended especially to companies. Here is a small selection of the best tools anti phishing of the market.


It is considered to be the tool anti phishing the most efficient on the market. mailinblack indeed has a very advanced technology which makes it possible to fight against spam and phishing in two steps. A first analysis is in fact carried out upon receipt of emails in order to detect those of a dubious nature. A second analysis is then performed when the user opens any link. The latter is immediately alerted in the event of a threat.


highspam is another very effective anti-spam tool. This is an online software through which emails pass. Only e-mails judged to be reliable are then sent to the user's e-mail address. In addition to spam, Altospam also helps fight against viruses. It is affordable and offers a free trial.


Bitdefender is a very reputable antivirus which also has an anti spam module. It has a powerful filter system that can detect spam and block it. It is available in Windows, Mac, and even Android versions. Bitdefender finally seduces with its very affordable prices.

Other ways to protect yourself from spam

In addition to using the tools mentioned above, it is also possible to protect yourself from spam using a few very simple tips. This is, first, to avoid clicking on any link inserted in a dubious email. Another solution is to configure her mailbox so that she only receives emails from her contact list. A third solution is to limit your registration on online discussion forums or to use a secondary email address.

Spam is, in short, real dangers, because it can be used as a means of attack by cybercriminals. Fortunately, there are many tools and tips to avoid them.

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