What to know before buying electronic enclosures

What to know before buying electronic enclosures

What is the role of an electronic box?

The electronic boxes can cover several roles. Firstly, it ensures the electrical connection with the outside (DIF or QFP boxes) either by bonding (use of small gold or aluminum wires), or by flip-chip assembly.

Second, the electronics package can serve as the mechanical interface between the integrated circuit chip and the printed circuit. In other words, it effectively protects the chip against shocks, dust or radiation.

The different types of electronic boxes

If you have to choose an electronic box, be aware that there are several models:

The outline style

There are about fifteen different contour styles: cylindrical (CY), button (DB), grid array (GA), Press-Pack / Press-Fit (CP/PF, seamless press-fit case), quad flatpack (QF, pins on the 4 sides of the case), small outline (SO, pins on 2 opposite sides of the housing), flange mounting (FM), elongated shape (LF), microelectronic assembly (MA), nail mounting (PM), specific box (SS), unclassified case (UC).

Types of materials

The electronic box is therefore above all a box with opaque or transparent windows, often made of plastic, silicone or metal, and in which the integrated circuit is encapsulated.

The shape and position of the pins

We can cite the pins with balls (B), the pins (P), the curved legs (C), the wrapping (W), with ears (D). They can be rectangular, square, perpendicular, cylindrical.

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Possible uses of electronic boxes

The electronic unit is very useful in vehicles, because it intervenes in the optimization of the engine to gain engine power and to lower energy consumption. The circuit board acts like a brain that automatically regulates the behavior of the motor to ensure better performance.

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