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Whether you drive or take public transportation to and from work every day, we know the journey doesn't always fill you with exhilaration. Treat yourself to inspiring accessories that not only guide you on the go, but also make your trip a little less boring. We've put together a list of 10 Daily Carrying Gadgets You Will Enjoy Every Day.

Your daily commute gives you a lot of time that you can use productively. And, if your morning is stressful and messy, your day will likely follow. How do you keep yourself entertained on your travels or make sure you get ready for a great day to follow? These 10 Daily Carrying Gadgets go along with your long journey to get you ready for that dreaded morning reunion so you feel like you can conquer it all.

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We don't promise that our abundance of recommended accessories will change your life, but they might help keep you energized, focused, and stress-free. From headphones to a wallet case to a mini Gameboy, these gadgets have you covered so you can make the most of your time alone and prepare to win.

1. Acuva ™ SOLARIX inactivates over 99,9% of coronaviruses within 10 seconds, so you can clean public surfaces to stay safe.

Pandemic or not, it's great to have the Acuva™ SOLARIX when traveling by public transport. This disinfection device opens at least 180 °, allowing you to clean the handlebars, door handles and more. In fact, this design also prevents accidental UV exposure of your hand. It kills up to 99,9% of viruses and bacteria, helping you stay safe and healthy. Best of all, the blue light indicates the area you are targeting for maximum accuracy.

Get your portable UV LED disinfection device for $ 149,99.

2. Using UV-C LED technology, Lumistraw water purifying bottle disinfects and filters water while you drink. It even comes with a reusable straw to stay eco-friendly.

Stay hydrated on your daily commute with the Lumistraw Water Purifying Bottle. This is not just any water bottle, as it filters the water to remove bacteria and fluoride in the liquid for a healthier drink. Plus, it features UV-C LEDs and PTFE for a refreshing and tasty drink when you need it. Fill up with tap water when you get to work to quench your thirst at your desk.

There is no official release date or announced price, but visit the official website to stay up to date.

3. Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth Object Finder works with Find My Network, so you can pair it with your Apple devices.

Another of the 10 daily carry gadgets that we recommend is the Finding Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth Objects. It's useful for keeping your essentials, such as your phone, keys, and wallet, by your side on busy public transport. Plus, it gives you the peace of mind that you can locate your devices as you venture in and out of the office throughout the day.

Shipping for this Bluetooth object finder begins in June, and pricing has yet to be confirmed.

4. Avoid losing your smartphone, keys and other essentials with the Apple AirTag accessory for iPhone. As one of the top 10 best everyday carrying gadgets, it connects to the Find My app.

Apple AirTag accessory for iPhone

Never lose your smartphone or other essentials on a long trip with the Apple AirTag accessory for iPhone. This gadget attaches to your purse, keys, phone, backpack, or other items. You can then track the location of your item through the Find My app. It even gives an alarm sound to help you find your lost gadget.

Order yours from Apple's official website for $ 29 with free engraving.

5. The Nomad Leather AirTag Buckle protects your Apple AirTag and allows you to easily attach it to various accessories.

In the course of your daily commute, you might have an array of things going through your mind which can cause you to forget your daily gadgets in the car or on public transport. Luckily, the Nomad Leather AirTag Buckle makes it easy to attach your AirTag to a multitude of items, so you'll never give up on them again.

Pre-order yours from the official website for a reduced price of $ 19,95.

6. Bursting with a 0,5W speaker and color LCD display, the tiny foldable Gameboy FunKey S lets you experience gaming nostalgia.

FunKey S Tiny Foldable Gameboy

Make the most of your commute with the small, foldable FunKey S Gameboy. It will rekindle your soul on a long train journey by hosting games from over 10 different consoles including PlayStation 1, NES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, and more. It will quickly become your new favorite hobby.

Order yours for € 65.

7. Relieve your nerves and set aside time to take care of yourself with the Fidget Moire stress reliever toy. One of our top 10 best everyday carrying gadgets, it can help you relax instantly.

In your free time while you're sitting on the train, fiddling with your fingers and stressing out your day ahead, you might need a gadget to calm your nerves or distract yourself. Fortunately, the Fidget Moire stress reliever toy combines barrier grid animation and aromatherapy to help you feel calmer in an instant. And, when you get to the office, place it on your desk for quick relaxation when you need it.

Buy a set of two from Kickstarter for around $ 47.

8. Host meetings with the Wyze Buds Pro wireless headphones, featuring 6 microphones 3 in each earbud. Or kick back and enjoy your favorite tunes without distraction with ANC.

There's nothing quite like music to motivate you for the day or boost your serotonin levels, and the Wyze Buds Pro wireless headphones are just what you need to drown out your stress. Boasting 40dB active noise cancellation, they let you focus primarily on your favorite songs without a horn distracting you. That's why these are one of our 10 Daily Carrying Gadgets We Recommend. Or, if you want to walk, the Wind Noise Reduction feature lets you feel every beat of a song, without the bad weather bothering you.

Pre-order your wireless headphones for $ 59,99. The expedition begins in July.

9. Protect your phone and store your money and cards on the go with the Kangaroo band & roll. It is compact, soft and durable.

Getting on and off the train in a hurry with a coffee in one hand and an endless to-do list running through your head, you're bound to lose your daily essentials along the way. The Kangaroo band & roll is an EDC accessory that stores your money, phone and cards in one place. So you don't have to run around the house in the morning trying to locate your essentials.

Order yours for 46 € on the official website.

10. The Fellow Carter Move Coffee Mug is the latest on our list of 10 Daily Carrying Gadgets and features a snap-on splash guard to prevent spills. And its ceramic coating enhances the taste of your drink.

Need caffeine to function? Then the Fellow Carter Move coffee mug is for you. It has a ceramic coating to prevent unwanted metallic taste, which we have all experienced. Plus, it's just the perfect size to fit securely in a cup holder without having to struggle to force it into place every morning. Or clip it to your backpack for easy carrying when you're on the go throughout the day.

Treat yourself to this EDC mug for $ 27,50.

With these 10 everyday gadgets, your mornings just got a little easier. While a ride can be intimidating, we prefer to think of it as a time to sculpt a moment of self-love. Whether you want to get into work mode or have some time to relax, we've selected the accessories above to get you ready for the day. What morning routine do you follow for a blessed day at work? Share your tips in the comments.

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