What is the release date of 5G in France? : cities that already have 5G

What is the release date of 5G in France? : cities that already have 5G

The 21st century marked a turning point in terms of technological progress, with the internet age. Indeed, since its launch in the 90s, the Internet has gradually invaded our lives and today holds an important place in our daily lives. The need for consumption has continued to grow, especially with the advent of smartphones, to the point where all networks are practically saturated.

This need has given rise to 3G, 4G and, quite recently, 5G. France is one of the first countries to start 5G coverage since 2020; this project is still ongoing and may take a few more years.

The 5G network: what exactly is it?

You should know that the creation of 5G was essentially born following the saturation of the 4G network. As the need for quality and quantity of connection to the Internet is much greater (an average person consumes more than 25 GB per month), the 4G network can no longer provide the flow necessary to meet consumers' needs. 5G was therefore created to ensure a better connection to the Internet network for consumers, therefore, to fill the gaps in 4G.

The project was born in France for several years, but we had to wait the beginning of the year 2020 to see it finally materialize by the installation of several 5G antennas from different operators. The latter started with the big cities and the big agglomerations, because it is there that the need is the most important, due to the saturation of the 4G network.

However, several other municipalities have also currently benefited from5G coverage according to the deployment plan set by Acrep.

The installation of these antennas always continues and this, in a progressive way, until reaching the final goal. ensure deployment throughout the national territory. The deadline for the completion of the project was set at month of November 2030; operators are required to respect these deadlines in order not to risk fines, or even a withdrawal of their 5G license.

In which cities is 5G deployed?

Today there are several French cities that benefit from'' more or less efficient 5G coverage. It is also important to note that each operator has chosen a different coverage strategy, in order to ensure full deployment, within the time limits set by the state. Some rely on good coverage, others on high speed and still others try to find a compromise between the two, to ensure good speed and good network coverage in the areas where they have installed their antennas.

Over 16 antennas are deployed in France ; the operator Free holds 70% of it scattered throughout the country. Other operators such as SFR, Bouygues and Orange have each installed between 1 and 500 antennas. These installations continue according to well-defined specifications and are closely monitored by Acrep, in order to guarantee the completion, on time, of the 2G deployment project.

It is important to note that each antenna is placed on a different frequency wave, but specialists in this field assure that the operator Orange is the one offering the best coverage and the best speed on the market.

Among the cities that are already benefiting from a 5G deployment, you have :

  • Paris, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Argenteuil;
  • Bordeaux, Cannes, Clément-Ferrand, Dijon;
  • Grenoble, Lyon, Le Havre, Le Mans;
  • Nancy, Montpellier, Nancy, Metz;
  • Nice, Rouan, Reims, Saint-Denis;
  • Saint-Etienne, Toulon, Versailles, Valencienne.

How to choose the best operator for 5G?

As we have already clarified, the estimates of specialists state thatOrange Telecom is the leading operator in France in regards to the quality of the speed and the coverage. If your city already has 5G coverage from Orange Telecom, it is therefore clear that you will choose the latter to benefit from better quality.

However, if 5G coverage has not yet reached your city, you can choose another operator and to do so, there are a few things to consider:

  • network coverage;
  • the flow ;
  • the offers and packages offered.

Be aware that you will not get a lot of information from your operator on these points, other than the last, because it is part of the internal strategy of the company. Only you can get a rough idea by educating yourself about the frequency wave to which the network is connected. Best of all is the 3.5 GHz band, which is exclusively attributed to the 5G network and it is the most efficient.

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