AirTag shipping times start slipping in May after first pre-orders

Update 13:15 p.m. PT: AirTag 1-pack and 4-pack SKUs are now out of stock until May. Hermès versions and accessories are out of stock until June.

Apple's long-rumored AirTag item tracker was officially announced earlier this week, and it's now available to order. Preorders opened this morning at 5 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. ET, but delivery times are already starting to drop.

You can buy a single AirTag for $ 29 or a four-pack for $ 99. Apple also sells a range of accessories for AirTag, including key chains, leather loops, and more. These accessories are also now available to order. A variety of more affordable AirTag accessories have also appeared on Amazon.

From this article, the simple $ 29 AirTag slipped to the first week of May, with Apple indicating that orders placed now will arrive between May 3 and May 5. The four-pack, however, is still available for launch day delivery on April 30. , but we expect that to change soon. Delivery times are also starting to change outside of the United States.

Note, you can also order AirTag on Amazon. The single pack and the four pack are listed as available, but delivery times are unclear. Amazon simply says that the article will be "published on April 30, 2021".

AirTag features

AirTag can be attached to any item in order to track it using the Find My app. So, for example, you can attach them to your backpack, keys, wallet, or anything else.

Each AirTag has a built-in U1 chip, which Apple says enables unique precision tracking features for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users. The U1 chip can be used to more accurately determine distance and direction. of a lost AirTag when in range, using what Apple calls "precision tracking."

There are also a variety of privacy features built into AirTag to protect user data and prevent unwanted tracking.

The Bluetooth signal IDs transmitted by AirTag rotate frequently to prevent unwanted location tracking. IOS devices can also detect an AirTag that is not with its owner and notify the user if an unknown AirTag travels with it from location to location over time. And even if users don't have an iOS device, an AirTag that is separated from its owner for an extended period of time will play a sound when moved to draw attention to it. If a user detects an unknown AirTag, they can touch it with their iPhone or NFC-enabled device and instructions will guide them to turn off the unknown AirTag.

The AirTag features a small circular design with a white finish on the front and a stainless steel back. You can also personalize your AirTag with emoji, numbers and letters.

Apple touts AirTags as having a "lightweight design," and there are two key factors to that: water resistance and a user-replaceable battery. Apple claims the AirTags are rated for IP67 water and dust resistance, while the battery inside is a CR2032, which is a standard button cell battery.

Apple also claims that AirTag offers "over a year of battery life for daily use" and has a removable cover for when the time comes to replace the battery.

Early reviews of AirTag have been overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers praising the deep integration with the Find My ecosystem. The $ 29 price tag was also well received, although many noted that you'll likely need to purchase a keychain or accessory of some sort separately as well.

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