High-tech mask: The future of respiratory masks

High-tech mask: The future of respiratory masks

The respiratory mask market in France and around the world has grown exponentially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, there is an increase in sales of masks of more than 87% with more than 71 billion dollars reported. Today, respiratory masks are part of our daily life and no longer just to health workers, for example. And with this incredible growth, we are also seeing the emergence of high-tech innovations around the use of the mask. In this article, we take stock of the latest inventions.

The mask capable of analyzing medical data

In Singapore, a team of researchers from a local university has set up a new breathing mask that allows caregivers and nurses to protect themselves when treating patients infected with the virus. This mask is equipped with sensors that can measure heart rate, blood pressure but also the level of oxygen, all of this medical data is then sent to a smartphone by Bluetooth.

The "intelligent" Airpop mask

The Airpop company has set up a connected mask available for sale. This mask has a sensor to analyze the user's breathing and collect data in real time. It is then easier to know when to change the mask filter, for example. On the application, it is therefore possible to have access to a great deal of data concerning the user's inspired and exhaled air according to his physical state but also his location. This smart mask is available for € 149 but is it really useful on a daily basis? it's up to you to see if the price is worth it.

The Japanese C-Face mask

This brand new smart mask from the Japanese company Donut Robotics has been talking about him since last year. Indeed, it not only protects against dust and viruses, it is also connected and intelligent. Connected to your telephone, it is possible to answer your calls and reply to your messages using the voice assistant. The C-Face Mask also allows you to translate between Japanese and other languages ​​such as English, French or Korean. Also equipped with a built-in microphone and a voice amplifier to make yourself understood despite social distancing and wearing a mask.

The LG mask that purifies the air

Korean giant LG Electronics has set up a mask capable of purifying the air. Ideal in large polluted cities, this plastic mask works by filtering the air on each side of the face using two filters. These masks are already on the market and distributed to healthcare workers.

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