How to send a postcard from your phone

Hoping things get back to normal this summer. We are putting our hopes up high, and we have a little something to prepare you for the fun times we are sure will come your way this sunny season.

Did you know that you can send postcards from anywhere to anywhere without going anywhere? We've picked out the two best postcard apps that let you take a photo and turn it into a real postcard (yes, you heard that right) right from the comfort of - well, wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can send a personalized postcard right from your phone, and it will be better than any card you can buy.

Felt: the best postcard app

It is one of the best postcard apps to send personalized prints of your vacation photos with just a few clicks to your phone, be it Apple or Android. Believe it or not, it costs about as much as a regular postcard and postage, minus the time and hassle, plus massive personalization and personalization.

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Prices start at $ 6 / month for sending 3 cards internationally, with several slightly more expensive options if you go for their special Story Card or a Pro membership.

You can create single cards or up to four panels through the Felt app, displaying your favorite vacation photos with a personal letter. The coolest thing ever with Felt is that you can write the message by hand using your finger or a stylus on the phone screen, and add a doodle or two if you want. Of course, you can just grab it and go for a nice digital font, if you prefer.

The more advanced Pro version further allows you to create personalized stationery and include your logo, initials and contact details. You get even more customizations and can also replace the Felt logo on the back of the card with your own.

There are only three steps to send a Felt card anywhere in the world through your phone.

Step 1:

  • Choose a greeting design, a photo frame, or both! If you don't feel like making your own, there are hundreds of free designer cards and photos to choose from.

Step 2:

  • Personalize it: type or write your message by hand using your finger or a stylus on the phone screen.

Step 3:

  • Address the envelope after decorating and scribbling it as you wish. That's it, you're done! Now lay down on that beach towel and close your eyes, feel the last hot sun rays tickle your face and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Cards sent via Felt are printed on premium Mohawk paper by Indigo printers and mailed out within 24 hours in quality envelopes, which you can design and decorate. The stamps are applied by hand for a final personal touch.

TouchNote: The Best Free Postcard App (14 Day Trial)

While very similar to Felt, TouchNote offers something the old one didn't: a free trial to try before you buy. You can sign up for a free 14-day period during which you can send two personalized postcards, OR a single greeting card in a decorated envelope. It's the more popular of the two in the App Store (Felt wins in the Google Play Store), with five stars thanks to the streamlined simplicity it offers for sending postcards and greeting cards.

TouchNote provides up to six photo panels on a single card, with a wide range of custom layouts or pre-designed facades for your choice. Unlike Felt, TouchNote cannot display your own handwriting. Instead, it offers a variety of fonts, including three styles of handwriting.

The steps for sending a card by post are basically the same: choose the layout, decide if you want to showcase photos or a pre-made design, type your message, fill in the address, pay and be on your merry way. . Prices are $ 1,49 / card without having to subscribe, although there is a Premium subscription option if you are a regular traveler.

TouchNote is as compatible and easy to use on PC as it is on mobile, while Felt is only for mobile.

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While there are other postcard apps in the digital market, Felt and TouchNote are by far the most popular, providing consistent and reliable service for years to come. Both also offer other greeting card options besides postcards. When we tried them out, TouchNote felt like the more streamlined of the two, focusing on making the experience as easy and quick as possible. The steps are all perfectly aligned so you can follow them at the bottom of the screen, and it can take as little as a minute to send a card from start to finish.

Felt, on the other hand, was definitely a more engaging process, making you feel like you were creating a work of art to send home. That's largely because Felt lets you handwrite every piece of text, including captions and addresses, and has a few extra bells and whistles to let you know how everything works and what your options are. . The theme and backgrounds are very artistic and realistic, rather than the simple cartoonish style of TouchNote. It takes a little longer to complete everything, but it's definitely a journey one can enjoy, and the result is as breathtaking and personalized as it gets - it looks like you've spent hours crafting a handcrafted map at hand, when you really only spend five minutes.

Good holidays!

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